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Goplana chocolate


Goplana chocolate and pleasures sweet taste go hand in hand. Treat your taste buds to a moment of bliss and allow your senses to be awakened by the taste that will put you and your loved ones in a good mood.

Our values

Values in the world of Goplana

  • Care for the ingredients
  • Respect for the Planet
  • Respect for the People
  • Pleasure

Goplana has much more than excellent taste and the highest quality of chocolate. We create our products with respect for people and the sake of the planet. Social involvement and real help are important to us.

Our products



Traditional milk chocolate with a delicate flavor that will make every moment sweet. The simple composition of each bar is based on the highest quality cocoa, which goes perfectly with the milky mildness. Each piece is a velvety pleasure and delight for the palate. Show more



Dark chocolate for lovers of the classics. The rich and intense flavor of cocoa combines with delicate sweetness, creating a refined, balanced flavor composition. A perfect choice for enthusiasts of chocolate tradition... and more! Show more

Our products



Square pralines made of classic Goplana chocolate, filled with semi-liquid pistachio-flavored filling. The sweetness of the pralines is delicately offset by the aroma of the liqueur. A wealth of flavors and textures made for your pleasure. Show more


Choco Choco

These square pralines have double the richness of taste. Delicious Goplana chocolate has a velvety chocolate filling. The clarity and depth of each praline guarantee a moment of refined pleasure whenever you feel like it. Show more



A collection of carefully selected square pralines with semi-liquid filling with the following flavors: almonds, pistachios, coffee, and cocoa, covered in Goplana milk chocolate. They melt pleasantly in your mouth. The rich taste of the filling combined with classic sweetness is a refined proposition for demanding customers. Show more

Our products

Chocolate Discs

Mega Milk

Let yourself be surprised by the velvety taste of manufactured milk chocolate from the highest quality cocoa. Go for chocolate in a unique disc shape whenever you feel like it, and share the sweet pleasure with your loved ones. Thanks to the handy packaging, you can always have it with you! Show more

Chocolate Discs

& Sea Salt

Combination of velvety chocolate, made from the highest quality cocoa, and a filling that melts in your mouth with salted caramel flavor, enclosed in a unique disc shape. The perfect snack that will add sweetness to your moment whenever you need it: at home, at work, school, and while traveling. Allow yourself a moment of chocolate pleasure, and share it with friends - the way you like best. Show more

Chocolate Discs


Delicate milk chocolate, manufactured with the highest quality cocoa, enriched with the crunch of salted roasted almonds. Chocolate discs are the perfect snack that will sweeten your day whenever you feel like it. Take them with you wherever you want to enjoy their velvety taste, enclosed in the unique shape of discs. Show more

Our products



Iconic milk toffee filled with chocolate. Hard, caramel coating concealing liquid chocolate is a unique combination for true gourmets. This sweet composition with a flavor accent provides the richness of taste and pleasure of eating. Show more

Our products

Mella jelly
in chocolate


Delicious cherry-flavored jelly with fruit juice, dipped in classic Goplana chocolate. Mella jellies do not contain gelatin and owe their melt-in-your-mouth consistency to plant pectins. Show more

Mella jelly
in chocolate


The harmonious combination of juicy orange and velvety Goplana chocolate with natural fruit juice will provide you with an unforgettable taste experience. Each jelly is a pleasure for your palate. You can enjoy it on your own or share it with others. Show more

Mella jelly
in chocolate


The combination of sour currant-flavored jelly with silky Goplana chocolate creates a perfect symphony of flavors and textures. Mella jellies contain natural fruit juice and plant pectins. Show more

Mella jelly
in chocolate


Juicy lemon-flavored jelly with natural fruit juice and plant pectins, covered with Goplana chocolate, packed in a recyclable cardboard box. A moment of sweet pleasure for you and a responsible choice for our planet. Show more

Gluten-free products

products with
the sign of the
Crossed Ear

A distinctive symbol indicating gluten-free products appears on selected Goplana sweets.

The granting of the license by the Polish Association of People with Celiac Disease and on a Gluten-Free Diet was preceded by thorough product analysis and an audit at the Colian production plant, carried out to check whether the requirements of the AOECS standard for gluten-free production were met.

The assumed parameters meet:

Original Milk Chocolate
and Classic Dark Chocolate

CToffino Choco

The full list of certified products can be found at:



Contact person for Export:

Advisor for Export and coordination of foreign markets.

Piotr Sucharski

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