Simple, sweet pleasures that are meant to be shared. The same Goplana you know and love, but in a completely new form. Let yourself be surprised by delicious chocolate morsels that will put you and loved ones in a blissful mood. Nine different designs give plenty of surprises to uncover.


Goplana Simple Pleasures is much more than the taste and the highest quality of chocolate bars. It is a line that we have created out of respect for people and care for the planet. We wanted our product to be followed by social commitment and real help.

  • Respect
    for people
  • Respect
    for the planet
  • Care
    for ingredients
  • Pleasure

for people

Goplana is a partner of the Cocoa Horizon Foundation, which supports communities that cultivate cocoa plantations in Africa. Together, we focus on the welfare of growers and their families, and we support the professional development of women. We help build self-sufficient farming communities and promote sustainable and entrepreneurial agriculture that respects nature.

for the planet

Goplana packaging is made from easy-to-recycle paper and aluminum, and the cocoa plantations where we source the cocoa for our chocolate comes from sustainable crops. We protect forests against cutting for new plantations, so as not to increase emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

for ingredients

We use only the highest quality cocoa for the production of our chocolates obtained from sustainable crops. We buy them from the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, whose mission is to support the farmers living on the cocoa plantations, as well as their children and families.


Your small pleasures make a big difference. By choosing Goplana, you are not only caring for yourself and your pleasure, but also for the welfare of the planet and the people who work to create each chocolate bar. Together, we send good energy into the world with each bite of chocolate. Long live the simple pleasures.

Our values

When you buy our chocolate, you are also investing in a better future for the children and families living on cocoa plantations. Goplana is a partner of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, which supports cocoa growing communities in West Africa, South America and Asia.

The Foundation coaches farmers on how to increase the efficiency of cocoa cultivation, and also works to empower women professionally, helping them create opportunities to generate their own business. Thanks to this, the members of these farming communities can become financially independent, support their families and pay for the education of their children, who the foundation works to protect against child labor exploitation.

Cocoa Horizons

Yedan works by hand at every stage of cocoa cultivation. It starts with planting the seedling in the ground and ends with collecting the beans. He monitors the entire process to harvest the best-quality beans exactly when they have reached peak ripeness.

“So as not to damage the cocoa beans, they must to be split very gently. At each stage of cultivation, they should be treated delicately, and given the time and attention they deserve. Only then will the harvest be good."

Cocoa Horizon

For 8 years, she has been running a cocoa plantation with her husband. Thanks to the support of Cocoa Horizons, Esther and Kofi have significantly increased their crops and their turnover. Esther additionally manages two of her own companies. Thanks to the plantation and her businesses, she was able to invest in the education of her children.

"Cocoa Horizons has taught us how to prepare loan applications for VSLA*, how to increase our savings and how to apply for money that we can effectively invest in our businesses."

Cocoa Horizon

The cocoa from which Goplana is made supports the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. This foundation invests in the education and safe future of children in these cocoa growing communities.

“I am proud that now I can tell my children - look, it's a good job, you can stay on the farm, in our village and earn good money doing something respectable. You don't have to go to work in the city. "


Cocoa Horizon

The cocoa from which Goplana is made supports the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. The Foundation supports women, helping them to become financially independent. As a result, women can contribute to their children's education offering them opportunities to build a happy and fulfilled life.

“I hope to be an example to other women in my village. I want them to know that they can become financially independent, that they can be strong and proud of themselves. I can see how they change under the influence of the trainings I conduct for them. How it affects their self-confidence and independence. Every woman should have a chance to feel this way. I am proud of it. "


Cocoa Horizon


Bitter chocolate with a high cocoa content for lovers of a truly dry flavor. Thanks to the low sugar content and high magnesium content, it is an ideal proposition for physically active people or those on a diet. Loads of pleasure presented in unique bites with motivational slogans on the original cubes.


Traditional Goplana dark chocolate, a staple in Poland for over 100 years, with an improved recipe featuring an even higher cocoa content. Strong and expressive, it is the perfect example of an ideal balance between sweet and bitter. For true connoisseurs who appreciate superior quality and the pleasure of refined flavor.


A combination of delicate milk chocolate together with an intense cocoa flavor, sourced from plantations supported by the Cocoa Horizons foundation. A perfect pairing for demanding consumers who appreciate the fine balance between dark and milk chocolate.


Traditional milk chocolate with a flavor so delicate it will make every moment sweeter. The simple composition is based on the highest quality cocoa, obtained from sustainable crops supported by the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. The smooth pleasure encapsulated in unique morsels with inspiring slogans brings a source of delight and great fun.

Our products

See how much fun it can be! Click, choose a claim and get to know Goplana. Four flavors of chocolate, each featuring nine unique designs.


Have fun with chocolate

See how much fun it can be! Click, choose a claim and get to know Goplana. Four flavors of chocolate, each featuring nine unique designs.

Have fun
with chocolate